Village Trust enters the world of blogging

This is an historic day as Shotley Bridge Village Trust has gone digital with a website on the internet.

This, our first post, will be one of many to inform members and other interested parties of the activities of the Trust. It may take a while to get the hang of all the technical aspects, though.

The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of this blog and we would welcome feedback.

We aim to post a blog once a week, on average.

6 Responses to “Village Trust enters the world of blogging”

  1. Lynne Heasman Says:

    very happy to see Village Trust online

  2. Duncan Says:

    I am sure you will do fine. I have added a link to this site from my personal blog.
    I am certain the site will be well used.


  3. eraser carver Says:

    Great to see this blog, I’ve just picked up one of the Shotley Bridge Directory leaflets from the Post Office and found the details on there. I’m looking forward to keeping up with the village news. I’ve added a link here from my personal blog too.

  4. Andrew Jeffrey Says:

    This website is a great start to get the Shotley Bridge community online – it’s a very powerful tool and should become an active conduit for comment, actions, events… the list is endless.
    I’m away from home at the moment, so it’s good to keep up with village activity…
    back soon – I hope – Andrew

  5. clive holman Says:

    interesting topic for the history of shotley. i have obtained in linolnshire at a auction house a pine pre war writing box with many names and addresses in boxes from all over the uk. and a caption on the lid ,say=ing my friends at shotley. i,m wondering where and what history this box has , was it from a school for evacuee children during the war or a army base or what ever, i,m sure some from the area would like to obtain this box for local history, please contact me on the above e,mail for more details…..

  6. Pauline Henderson Says:

    Love this site……I hope everyone in SB knows its here. Congrats and thanks for the work put in.

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