Pavement parking

Parking on pavements not only causes damage to the path but can be inconvenient to pedestrians, particularly those with pushchairs or wheelchairs.  It is a particular problem in the village centre and near the Junior and Infant schools, where pedestrians are often forced into the road by inconsiderate drivers.

In many residential areas parking on footpaths cannot be avoided as there is insufficient off street parking available.  But where the road is wide enough to allow vehicles to pass there is often no excuse to park on the pavement.

Durham County Council’s website gives more details about the problems caused and information about illegal parking and obstruction.

One Response to “Pavement parking”

  1. JennyW Says:

    Whilst I agree that it can be inconsiderate to park on the pavement, it is usually possible to walk on the other side of the road.

    I would not deliberately obstruct a pavement and would like parking bays to be indented into the pavement around the village so that parking correctly at the edge the road does not expose me to the cost of a new wing mirror or a dented car.

    This type of parking is already in place on the road along from the Kings restaurant.

    If the village trust is making a case to improve parking could you please consider indenting parking spaces on residential streets, this may narrow the pavement and the road slightly, but should also help to slow down traffic in the built up area.

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