Shotley Grove footbridge

Work has started on preparing the site for the new footbridge which will replace the one washed away in the floods in September 2008.

Trees and bushes have been felled on both banks of the river to allow for access and the foundations for the bridge to be constructed.

Planning approval and Environment Agency consent for the bridge have been obtained and the main contractor is drawing up a works programme. However, there is no start date yet because there are a number of logistical issues to be resolved, regarding road access for the lifting crane.

The trees have been reduced so as to help with the crane lift. It’s planned that the assembled 31m deck span will be positioned alongside the river’s edge wall bounding the car park before being lifted into place. The tree works have been done early prior to any birds setting up nests.

2 Responses to “Shotley Grove footbridge”

  1. Andrew Jeffrey Says:

    Hi… this all sounds great news… can you advise me as to whether or not wheelchair access has been taken into account for the bridge and both sides of the track. I live in Shotley Bridge (in a wheelchair) and would love to get access to the fishings further upstream – as well as go for an amble… I’m sure that Environment Agency and planners will have done this, but I would appreciate reassurance. Cheers – Andrew

  2. secretary Says:

    Yes, the project engineer advises me that the new bridge does allow for wheelchair access and that on the Northumberland side of the river they are intending doing some footpath improvement works, though this was limited to the proximity of the bridge.

    Following your mention of access to fishing upstream, he will look at the condition of the track up to the weir which may only require slight regrading/stoning. With the plant on site and available stone this may well be something they can look at.

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