Shotley Grove Footbridge open

Work has been completed on the new footbridge across the River Derwent at Shotley Grove.

Durham County Council completed the scheme earlier this week and it looks very impressive, with the bridge and approaches having been built to a high standard.

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2 Responses to “Shotley Grove Footbridge open”

  1. Eddy Joyce Says:

    ….Many thanks for the photos and information. This bridge is a vast improvement on the old one.. I miss those walks along the riverside. Benn here in Australia forty years now. Born and bred { As the saying goes ] in Shotley. No place in the world like it.
    Eddy Joyce

  2. Norman. Says:

    I agree with Eddy the bridge is an improvement on the old one but the walks along the riverside could be also be improved with a bit of tidying up.

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