Photo competition judging

The Trust’s “Nature and Green Spaces in Shotley Bridge” photo competition is now open for public judging.

The Village Photographic Competition is now in its final phase. The judges have agreed a shortlist of 6 and it is now up to YOU to vote on which you think is best!

The 6 contenders  are on show in Sale Pepe Restaurant where there is a box for you to cast your vote.  Voting is open until 31 January 2012. Please come along to see which you like the most!

One Response to “Photo competition judging”

  1. Eddy Joyce Says:

    Good to see the old Horse Trough back in use again, as a child I drank from it many times I believe that the water came from a stream situated in the wood behind Riverside. The water tasted very similar to that in the fountain, in the village centre, I was told that was because of the iron in the water. Eddy Joyce

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