Snows Green lake

This weekend, for at least the 3rd time this year, Snows Green Road became a lake between the Junior School and Snows Green.

Snows Green lake

The lake appears during periods of heavy rain because two culverts at Elm Park and at the bottom of Benfieldside Road are partially blocked. Water overflows and runs down the road instead, forming a lake, until the road drains there are able to cope.

At the end of June, when the lake overflowed, a huge volume of water cascaded down into the village centre and flooded properties, before it finally found its way into the River Derwent.

The County Council has been made aware of the problem and intend clearing the culverts. To prevent the lake forming, the Trust has suggested that a larger drain hole be created at the lowest point in the wall at Snows Green, with a gulley across the footpath, so as to allow standing water to more easily escape back into the Burn.

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