Village centre improvements

Members of the Blooming Committee met officers of the County Council today to discuss the list of potential improvements to the village centre that had been discussed at the last open meeting of the Village Trust.

£125,000 is being provided, as part of the Section 106 funding, from the new housing development on the former Shotley Bridge Hospital site.

IMG_9616 IMG_9613

4 Responses to “Village centre improvements”

  1. Jenny Woodruff Says:

    Congratulations on an excellent event today. Any chance of sharing the list of potential improvements on the site? The website may have a different readership compared to those able to attend the meetings.

  2. Lynne Ackland Says:

    There is clearly a need to remove the parking restrictions in the village if there is to be any commercial activity. No post office, one shop already closing, a crumbling pub and a vacant Kings Inn. Parking is essential use the money to improve this part of the infrastructure.

    • secretary Says:

      The Village Trust did carry out a comprehensive parking and traffic survey following which discussions were held with the County Engineers. Limited waiting on Front Street was discussed but dismissed on safety grounds. Most of the yellow lines are in place to protect visibility splays at junctions and to enable buses to turn.
      The survey showed that most of the time parking bays along Riverside were available if people were prepared to walk a little.
      The Kings Head building is being refurbished and hopefully a new restaurant will be opening there. A replacement post office is still a possibility, if a suitable building and a willing business owner could be found.

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