More Village Centre Improvements

Over the next few weeks Durham County Council will progress work on spending the S106 funding for environmental improvement schemes in the village centre.

Last November, new copings were laid around the flower bed opposite the Golden Flower. Unfortunately the work was affected by frosty weather and quite a few of the stones have since been dislodged. The Council are awaiting better weather before attempting reconstruction and then re-turfing of the grassed areas.

Contract costs for the reconstruction of the original Pant [drinking fountain] and new seating area opposite Rumi’s mean that there is sufficient funding for additional conservation street lighting as well as repaving in front of the shops.

Construction works will be starting in the village centre this coming week to upgrade the paving on Front Street, with work anticipated to last about 3 weeks. Following completion of this, work should start on constructing 2 new parking bays [replacing the rose beds] in front of Rumi’s, which should take another week. Limited parking restrictions are to be introduced in this lay-by, too.

Dates for the installation of the new lighting and seating area around the proposed Pant are not yet known.

3 Responses to “More Village Centre Improvements”

  1. debbie clarke Says:

    Hi could you tell me what’s happening with layby outside crown n crossed swords this was going to be limited time for parking or loading bay to reduce lorries’ parking and causing blind spot on the bend in road, Thankyou Debbie Clarke.

    • secretary Says:

      Yes that was what was suggested to the County Council, but I heard that the County Engineer was not keen on this. I have not had any confirmation of this though.

  2. Eric Shield Says:

    This is all very good news indeed for the village but may I suggest that more rubbish bins ought to be provided and regularly serviced. In addition to that “flyers” should be sent to all households in the area, emphasizing the need to use them and keep the village tidy.

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