Origins & Growth of Shotley Bridge

The Consett & District Heritage Initiative exhibition is now on at the Methodist Church, Station Road, Consett. It will be open tomorrow from 10am until 8pm and on Saturday from 10pm until 4.30pm. There are three rooms full of photos and paintings.

The Village Trust has a couple of exhibition boards devoted to the Origins and Growth of Shotley Bridge. [Click on an image to enlarge.]

Look out for the illustrated booklet about the History of Shotley Bridge that has been researched, is being printed and will be available to buy and view on-line later this year.

2 Responses to “Origins & Growth of Shotley Bridge”

  1. merrinkeegan Says:

    Good Morning Jeff

    I await eagerly to see the fantastic photos and paintings of old Shotley Bridge.

    Thinking about it often as the area is always in my mind back here in Australia, reminiscing of when we visited last Sept walking around the village talking to people and admiring the beauty of the village.

    You all work together to make a beautiful community in which to live.

    I cast my mind back to when my grandmother lived in the girls Training School Springfield House there and wonder what her life was like then.

    Kind Regards

    Merrin Keegan Australia

  2. merrinkeegan Says:

    Hi Jeff

    If you happen to find any photos or information about Springfield house or Shotley Spa I would be more than happy to pay for copies .

    looking around 1911 to 1915.records, if any or any information for Sarah Bond there around this time she was 15 yrs old.

    Kind Regards

    Merrin Keegan

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