Exhibition of Local Interest

The next exhibition organised by the Consett & District Heritage Initiative is being held in a months time. The Trust will be putting on a display of old photographs of Shotley Bridge at the event.

One Response to “Exhibition of Local Interest”

  1. merrinkeegan Says:

    Good Morning Jeff

    Always nice to know what’s happening in Beautiful Shotley Bridge.

    Our weather is beautiful now around 24c sunny after a very hot Summer here in Australia even on the coast very humid Yuk

    We have had the warmest Summer on record.

    Would it be possible to take some photos of Shotley Bridge and email them to me and can you keep an eye on any photos of Springfield House.

    Always lovely to keep.

    Hope you and your wife are in good health and doing lots of holidays.

    I haven’t emailed you for quite a while but keep all the emails from the trust.

    Kind Regards

    Merrin Keegan (Australia)

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