Clean sweep for ‘The Cut’

Last Friday morning a group of 5 volunteers cleared overhanging branches, debris and mud from the well used tarmac path between Briary Gardens and Peile Park. It is also known as the ‘Chicken Run’, as there used to be a chicken coup in the field beside the path. The stream was also cleared of debris.

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2 Responses to “Clean sweep for ‘The Cut’”

  1. Andy Ruddick Says:

    hi there,my name is Andy Ruddick.I live in shotley bridge and was wondering if anybody could tell me about the “wild flower meadow” on the way up to the village hall? It is absolutely delightful and I would dearly like to try and create the same display in my garden?! Any help/advice would be gratefully received!!
    Many thanks
    Andy Ruddick

  2. secretary Says:

    Andy. It took 5 volunteers 2 days to remove the grass and weeds from the top half of Kiln Bank before the seeds were sown. It had to be watered a lot during the dry weather. The seed mix was provided by Durham County Council with additional poppy seeds.

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