BIG Tidy Up morning

The Benfieldside, Blackhill, Bridgehill and Shotley Bridge Partnership organised a BIG Tidy Up this morning. Volunteers met at the Bridgehill communal room to collect their bags, equipment and instructions before setting off in groups to pick up litter from hotspots [which had been identified by survey].

[Click on the photos to enlarge]

A big thank you to Consett Rugby Club, particularly the U17 & U18 teams, who came along to help tidy up litter hot spots in Shotley Bridge – along the Derwent Walk, around the Benfieldside playing fields and down by the riverside at Shotley Grove.

Thankyou also to the ten residents of Shotley Bridge who found time to give their support to pick up litter around the village centre and at Snows Green.

In total, nearly 150 bags of rubbish were collected by 75 volunteers from the litter strewn open spaces throughout the Partnership’s area.

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