Durham Records Online

Durham Records Online is a service intended to help genealogists find their ancestors in County Durham, England. Shotley baptisms, marriages and burials have been recently updated.

All Shotley records are now instantly available:
• 1,612 baptisms covering 1675-1812
• 534 marriages covering 1670-1818
• 880 burials covering 1690-1812

In these records, the term “Shotley” can be misleading. There is no village named Shotley. The bridge over the River Derwent is the boundary between Shotley parish in Northumberland and Medomsley parish in County Durham. The old spa township of Shotley Bridge is on the Durham side, with a handful of houses on the Northumberland side before the road comes to The Snods. There is also a place called Shotley Field nearby in Northumberland. “Shotley” in the register is probably usually a shortened form of “Shotley Parish”, but sometimes it appears to be a shortened form of ”Shotley Field” or “Shotley Bridge”.

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