Hospital Support Group AGM

The first AGM of the Shotley Bridge Hospital Support Group is to be held this evening.

To enable it to apply for funding from grant-awarding bodies. a new constitution for the Group is to be adopted. Its objects being:

  • To safeguard the future of Shotley Bridge Community Hospital
  • To be actively engaged with partners, including the NHS, County Council and other local groups and organisations in developing the best services for the local community
  • To ensure access to the hospital as a health and community resource in particular for those made vulnerable by age, frailty, disability, economic or other disadvantage

Membership of the Group is free and it meets every two months in the hospital restaurant. [Update – As the hospital restaurant closed in February 2016 the Group now meet at the Lodge, Consett & Blackhill Park.]

The Group’s garden project came to a successful conclusion last Wednesday when Lady Calman, chair of NHS County Durham, opened the new garden next to the main waiting area.


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