What a difference …

… six weeks make to Blooming Shotley Bridge.  When I made the last post after the Northumbria in Bloom judges had visited, the tubs and barrier baskets were not very colourful.  Now with a lot of rain and more sunshine they are in full red white & blue colour.  This blog has been on its summer break during the intervening time, whilst London2012 has taken centre stage.

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The colourful bunting in the village centre has also made a big difference to its appearance and will remain until after the Paralympics. Thank you to the businesses who put up hanging baskets and to John Beales who made an excellent job of putting up the Union Jack flags above their windows.  Thank you also to the Village Trust volunteers who continue to water and look after the bedding plants.

2 Responses to “What a difference …”

  1. Norman. Says:

    Excellent photos of the tubs and baskets Mr. Secretary. The village looks stunning.

  2. marjorie muldowney Says:

    Delighted to see the flowers near the memorial seat to my parents Edward and Doris Joyce

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