Roadworks on Woodlands/Queens Road on Tuesday

Councillor Kevin Earley has has asked me to post this information ..

Road surface treatment work (again) planned for Tuesday the 15th, worth letting everyone know to avoid the route if possible. Folk on way to hospital or GPs will have to use it of course , will be easier for them if the rest of us can avoid it, maybe. There will be staff directing traffic but the coating takes hours to ‘go off’ so it might be an all day job! And its blue bin day!

I did try asking for it to be done at weekend but apparently it’s a free trial of a new treatment and Tuesday is the only time they can do it. I’m told it will look a lot better and stop the chippings lifting in winter. Guess we are going to find out if that’s true.


2 Responses to “Roadworks on Woodlands/Queens Road on Tuesday”

  1. Paul S Smith Says:

    Charles Dickens is said to have visited Shotley Bridge Spa in 1839. Is anyone able to provide the original source of this information? The name ‘Chas Dickens’ does indeed appear in the Spa visitors book in 1839 but, sadly, the authenticity of this signature is now in question.

    With thanks.

    Paul Smith


    • secretary Says:

      Paul. You may wish to repost this as a new thread, rather than under roadworks. The only information the Trust has is the signature in the visitors book.

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