Conservation Area

The Shotley Bridge Conservation Area was originally designated in 1975 and the boundary has been amended three times since. It includes the village centre, Snows Green and Elm Park.

A Conservation Area Appraisal has been produced by Durham and Northumberland County Councils to assess the features and qualities of the Area that make it special, and consider how it can be effectively preserved and enhanced. It was adopted in December 2009.

The document explains the planning policy framework, history of development, buildings and materials of architectural interest. Nine character areas are described, issues and potential for improvement are discussed and management proposals outlined. There are some interesting maps and photographs as well as information on all the listed buildings and buildings of local interest.

The Appraisal is on the Durham County Council website

3 Responses to “Conservation Area”

  1. Kathleen Kenny Says:

    Hello – just saw your site and wondered if Peel Home is still in existence? I worked there as a nursery nurse in 1968/69 and it was a beautiful building. I’d love some information on it if you have any.
    Many thanks

  2. Evelyn Pudney Says:

    The drinking fountain shown in many of the photographs was removed and lost in recent years, conservation area? Very careless.

    • secretary Says:

      The Pant was taken down for a road widening scheme to allow buses to negotiate the tight corner. It was stored in the Council yard and eventually given to Beamish Museum where it stands along the tramway just out of the town. It is going to be relocated to the entrance of the 1950’s development and will become more prominent. The replica in Shotley Bridge is an exact copy, as the dimensions were provided by the museum.

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