Shotley Park

Around 1842 Jonathan Richardson embarked on the creation of Shotley Park, a country house set in extensive grounds on the hillside between Snow’s Green and Shotley Spa. He was a Quaker banker and businessman, who promoted Shotley Spa and the Derwent Ironworks. He died on Christmas Day 1871.

In 1880 the local Priestman family, whose fortune had been made in mining, bought the estate and made extensive alterations to the house and outbuildings. 

Following wartime use during WW2, the main property fell into institutional use before being operated as a Dr. Barnardo Home, from 1947 until 1984. Originally it accommodated boys aged 15 to 16 years, but by 1964 it had become a mixed home housing up to 36 children. From 1975, it was a home for children with emotional problems.

According to Wikipedia, Thomas John Barnardo (1845 – 1905) was an Irish  philanthropist and founder and director of homes for poor children. From the foundation of the first Barnado’s home in 1867 to the date of Barnardo’s death, nearly 60,000 children had been taken in.

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It is now operated as a residential care home by Shotley Park Homes for the Elderly Limited, with up to 45 residents. Although adapted to meet the needs of elderly people it retains the overall character and many of the original features of the house.

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