Glendinning Haulage

A family run haulage firm, Glendinning, was incorporated in 1952 though it was in operation before the war and therefore ran for well in excess of 60 years until it was wound up. The firm operated a large fleet of well over 30 lorries that became a regular sight on local and national roads carrying everything from motorcars, to materials and manufactured goods. It was one of the largest businesses operating in Shotley Bridge post 1954 and the closure of the gasworks. It was based on Bridge Island, in the centre of the village before the area was redeveloped in the early 2000’s as a small housing estate.

There are not many haulage businesses that are immortalised by Corgi, the manufacturers of toy vehicles, but local boys were proud to see the name “W A Glendinning Ltd” written on the side of a model railway trackside truck.


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