Tinkler Hill Estate

Jonathan Richardson, the prominent Quaker banker and businessman, with relatives residing in Shotley Bridge, acquired the Tinkler Hill Estate in the early 1800s. He built Shotley Lodge, where he lived for a while, before selling the estate to Francis Priestman. (The Richardson and Priestman families were connected by marriage.)  He purchased the nearby Snow’s Green Estate.

His son, Jonathan Priestman was also a well-known businessman and manager of the Consett Iron Company for many years. He established the famous Venture coach and horses service to Newcastle. 

His son Lewis, who married Frances Willis at Shotley Lodge in 1907, was the master and owner of the Braes of Derwent Hunt for fifty years until his death in 1945. The hunt, which was established in 1854, was based at Tinkler Hill. The Hemmels, now dwellings, was the stables for the hunt and the kennels for the foxhounds were located further up the drive at Tinkler Hill. On 22 August 1898 the Newcastle Journal reported that the annual puppy walking and judging of the hounds had taken place at the kennels that Saturday afternoon. Prior to the judging, Mr James Annandale toasted the hunt master, Mr Priestman, as a genuine and generous sportsman.

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