Primitive Methodist Church

Before 1852, a Primitive Methodist Chapel had been built on Wood Street at a cost of £400, with seating for 300 and a schoolroom underneath. It continued in use until 1895 and was sold in 1896 for conversion to a dwelling.

Primitive Methodist Chapel – Wood Street

Land on Front Street had been acquired for a new church in 1886 for £300. Money for the land and building was donated and raised at special events such as a bazaar over Easter 1894, held in the Temperance Hall, which raised £160. The foundation stones for the church and Sunday school were laid in 1894, the same year that the Methodist movement became a separate church, distinct from the Church of England. It was designed by George Race junior, a noted architect from Weardale. It cost £2000 and was formally opened in 1895.  

Primitive Methodist Church – Front Street – Opening Ceremony

Wesleyan Methodist Church – The Terrace

By 1932 the three branches of Methodism were united. From 1940 alternate Sunday services were held in the Primitive Methodist Church and the Wesleyan Methodist Church on The Terrace. This was later followed by the amalgamation of the two societies and the decision in 1950 to sell the Trinity Methodist Church and schoolroom, but retain the church on Front Street.

In 2014, after almost 120 years in use, the Methodist Church on Front Street closed its doors and merged with Blackhill Methodist Church on Durham Road. It is now called the Blackhill & Shotley Bridge Uniting Methodist Church

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