Shotley Bridge Mills

Described as a water mill on a site called “The Fall” in 1663. The original mill had several uses, such as fulling, corn grinding and metal forging, over its 350 year plus history.

In the 1840’s it was bought by the Annandale family and developed for flour milling, then sold in 1872 to the Co-operative Society. The same family owned the paper mills at Shotley Grove.

It is best remembered as the Derwent Co-operative Flour Mill for 65 years until 1933 when it was closed. After that it fell into disrepair and was then used as a builders yard by Roxby Surtees Ltd. Facing the bridge was the company office, originally the managers house of the mill. 

In 1997 Countrylife Homes, a local developer, bought the derelict site and obtained planning permission for residential development. The office was the only part of the original complex that was capable of conversion to a dwelling, called Mill Race Cottage. Other residential properties were built on the site, including seven flats known as Swordmakers Cottages.

In 2019 another developer completed the project with a block of riverside flats, in a similar style to the original flour mill, creating eight more dwellings.

For information about the Shotley Grove Paper Mills go to … Shotley Grove High Mill & Shotley Grove Low Mill

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