Historic Shotley Bridge

A collection of old photographs taken in and around Shotley Bridge, from 1872 – 1950.

In 2016 The Trust published a 36 page booklet on the history of Shotley Bridge – available to buy [£3] from Harrington Brown Estate Agents or online via eBay with Paypal

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14 Responses to “Historic Shotley Bridge”

  1. Jonathan Vernon Says:

    I am very proud of my late grandfather Jack Wilson MM, raised in Benfieldside from 1896, at school through to Standard Seven then off to the Northeastern Brewery in the Royal Hotel as the office boy age 14. I have one of a lovely photograph of him in 1905 taken by William Lubbock. All featured in a blog of Jack’s memoir. http://machineguncorps.com/2011/06/26/william-lubbock/

  2. John Thomspon Says:

    I ma researching and trying to locate more information of a James Thompson who married Margaret Armstrong and resided in Shotley Bridge. They had 2 children Priscilla and Frances.

    I have come across the postcard photo of Snows Green in my photo collection and it does have them residing at 29 Snows Green, but not too sure what number street that is nowadays

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

  3. Tony fountain Says:

    Hi I’m tony fountain an I’m working on a old house in shotley bridge . It was origanally a school . I think called shotly grove school built in 1841 . It’s at the bottom of cutlers hall road . I’m renovating it to a house again an been trying to find some old pics of it and find bit about the buildings life . But can only find dates of when built and extended . If you can help that be much appreciated. Also found some lovely stonework but have no idea where it was carved for . Any help would be grateful . Tony 07828142688

  4. Ruth Coyne Says:

    I am looking for information about jobs in a local paper mill in 1880.
    The 1880 census gives ancestor age as 14. Her job was listed as a paper mill glazier. I believe that had to do with finishing paper at the end of the mfg process.
    Does anyone know what her duties would have been? Length of work day? Pay?
    I can’t find anything. I’d be most grateful for info

  5. Margaret Beck Says:

    These are excellent pictures a reminder of how things were way back when. I used to work at.NCB offices in Springfield House , then moved to Manor house Medomsley before Marley Hill Mining Offices

  6. Max Hidding Says:

    Hi Members. I write from Perth in Western Australia. I found an old envelope in an old Cupboard which is dated around 1972. It contains old bonds and a letter from Anne Metcalf to a Mr E Joyce or Miss Monica J Cohen or MG Cowen . Would anyone know if they are still alive and maybe still living at number 11 Riverside? I cannot seem to find a website with the details. I woudl love to post it back to them. Many thanks
    Max Hidding
    Warnbro WA

    • gormanguyom.gorman@talktalk.net Says:

      Hi Max. Maureen Cowen, formerly of 11 Riverside is still alive. She is a cousin. I have passed on your message to her.

    • Tom Gorman Says:

      Maureen Cowen, formerly of 11 Riverside, Shotley Bridge is still alive. She is a cousin of mine. I will let her know.

  7. John Ridley Says:

    Hi, I have been looking for pictures of Greenwood, on the Low Road, former home of the Peile family, without success and wonder if there were any pictures or details available within the village trust. Many thanks, John

    • secretary Says:

      The SBVT do not have any old photos of Greenwood. Can I suggest you put a post on the village’s Facebook page … facebook.com/groups/145680932118218/
      I would also try the Consett & District Heritage Initiative which has an archive of old photos … facebook.com/groups/213017885386150/

  8. David Boddy Says:

    I am researching my family history. My grandfather was George Johnson (and possibly his father too). The Johnsons ran a Co-op in the Consett area around 1920s. Might it have been the Shotley Bridge branch? Is there a record?

    Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks.

    David Boddy

  9. Sarah Foster Says:

    Hello everyone, I’m interested in the sword making industry aspect of Shotley Bridge and wonder if anyone knows if there’s anything remaining of this trade in the village? I know a house on Cuttlers Hall Road has recently come up for sale but is there any visible evidence to visit of the trade? Or is my best bet looking at the remains of things on the Land Of Oak and Iron trail? Thanks for any information at all. Kind regards, Sarah

  10. Alan Clark Says:

    Great photos, we’ve recently moved into Cooperative Terrace. Any old pics or info about the houses would be greatly appreciated.
    Is it possible to buy some of the photos?

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